The Australian Flying Tippler Union

The AFTU was officially formed in June of 2005, by a dedicated group of breeders of the Flying Tippler. It is our goal to share our thoughts, ideas and experiences with others in order to promote the hobby and spread the "word" about this amazing flying breed. The AFTU is proud to be playing a pivotal role in establishing and advancing the sport of Flying Tipplers in Australia and offers a broad range of services to support it's members in an effort to bring our Tippler achievements in line with some of the results that we have seen accomplished in parts of Europe and America, where the sport has been established for some time.

AFTU Office Bearers

Eastern Vice President:
Western Vice President:
Ring Secretary:
Fly Secretary:
Website Administrator:
Danny McCarthy
Chris Francis
Karim Cooper
Rupert Braganza
Aidan McIlhatten
Abdul Hai
Fred Barany

AFTU Membership Enquiry

The AFTU is Australia's premier Flying Tippler club. Fill in the form below and your details will be sent to our Club Secretary who will contact you to begin processing your application.
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